College Prep!

College Prep!
College Prep!


11th and 12th Grade Rowers:  (FYI:Parents)

The Count Down Begins:

July 1, 2013 Coaches can talk with the Class of 2014.

  1. Please have a resume include your height, weight, 2k time, experiences (port/starboard, both, sculling, academics, achievements.  There are two samples reference resumes attached.
  2. Have your list of colleges that you plan on applying to.
  3. Fill out the recruitment information for each program on their crew web-site.
  4. Look at the roster see if you know anyone.
  5. Contact the Novice Coach and the Varsity Coach via email and call them (know their bio and the program).
    • Ask the coaches what they are looking for?
    • Ask them what they want you to do?
    • Ask for an official Visit or unofficial visit and stay with a rower(s)
  6. Contact alumni and get an interview.
  7. Video and recordings (coxswains)
  8. Think about writing your essays this summer if you can.
  9. Best of Luck!

Please do not hesitate to ask questions or if you have concerns let us know.

Best always,

Rye Crew

Jen and Stan

P.S.  Check out You Tube:


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