Spring Crew – Final Signup

Now that the RHS Crew team selection week is over, we need to care of the final sign up for the spring season with RAR through Regatta Central.

Please follow this link to the final registration (as necessary):


The RHS registration is the 7th one down and is labeled “Spring Rye High School Crew (Selected).”

Please complete the registration and payment by Wednesday, March 18th.  We understand that for some finances are tight so for those a payment plan can be worked out, but you must contact either Stan, Catharine, Marko (RAR Director) or one of our Booster board members to work it out before then.

Lastly, this was our first time doing a selection week and we feel it was a great success.  Most everyone came to camp fit and prepared.  They all worked very hard and showed they really wanted to be a part of this team’s success.  There were several new faces too but they showed they were quick learners.  Everyone is looking forward to getting on the water sometime over the next two weeks – the sooner the better.