Update from Rio!!

Basic CMYK

Jim Palmer will be racing with the US Eight Thursday Aug 6th in the heats.  With the distance to Brazil most countries have entered smaller boats but the heavy hitters have all entered 8+ boats.

Jim’s first race is at 11:15 am Rio time (1 hour ahead of eastern time) so folks on the east coast are looking at 10:15.  The first heat is at 11:07/10:07.   The link below follows the boats via GPS tracking units.  There should be audio as well but not much here is a well-oiled machine.


Heat 1:
Great Britain

Heat 2:

Will only seven contenders, there will be no semis.  Top boat in each heat makes the finals.  The other five go to the reps.  The good news is that all but one boat will eventually make the medal round of six.  Reps have been moved to tomorrow as heavy wind is expected for the weekend.  Finals were scheduled for Sunday but are now TBD

Blog post courtesy Bruce Palmer (live on location)