2015 Head of the Schuylkill Results

Photo - Head of the Schuylkill RegattaThe results are in.  The varsity crews will be looking over their shoulders next season as the novice teams are show well!

The results are summarized below but can be seen in detail here.

MT1x A: J.Turk,  3rd/ 9, 20:35.46
MT1x B: R.Nelson.  7th/ 9, 23:33.36
MV1x A: C. Borgogni,  11th/65, 17:56.84
MV1x B: J. Dailey,  45th/65, 19:46.26
M1V4+: Cox: Szabo, Batal, M., Sutherland.A., Rudolph-Math, A., Clickner, T.,  17th/83, 15:57.29
W1V4+: Cox: Neiman, Pankoff, Kiinstel, Doyle, Pell,  46th/82,  18:25.06
MN8+:  Cox: Turk, B., Hadjipanayis, Fogarty, Davey, McCarthy, Pollard, Vanamee, Clickner.N, Mullane. 9th/47. 15:52.12
WN8+: Cox: Herzog, Kacha, Takegami, Dailey, Johnson, Spence, Scott, Syed, Storey.  10th/40.  17:36.58
M1V4x: Clark, Foresman, Gomez.V, Farres.  36th/45.  16:38.32
W1V4x: Fallon, Nisi, Biow, Myers.  29th/ ?.  17:53.28.
M1V8+:  Cox: Szabo, Burke, Cronin, McFarland, Wilson, Borgogni, Sutherland, T., Rudolf-Math, T., Dailey,J.,   19th/62.  13:52.61
M2V8+: Cox: Turk.B., Gilman, Goldman, Turk, Malespin, Lepore Senkiw, Usry, Gomez.V,   32nd/62.  15:07.64
W1V8+: Cox: Dailey, C., Pankoff, Daniels, Foresman, Storey, Wilson, Kinstel, Doyle, Pell,   31st/50.  16:02.61. 
M1V2x A: Clickner, Rudolph-Math, A.,  21st/69.  15:52.00
M1V2x B: Batal, Sutherland, A.,  35th/69.  16:24.40
M1V2x C: Rudoph-Math, T., Farres.  39th/69.  16:33.67
W1V2x: McLoughlin, Ryan.  43rd/63.  19:03.84