2016 Head of the Schuylkill Results and Photos

We’ve had another great regatta in excellent weather!

Special congratulations to Timothy Rudolph-Math and John Dailey for placing 2nd in the Varsity Men’s Double competition, and to the Novice Men’s Quad, Zack Fogarty, Alex Dore, Zachary Johnson, and James Keller for their 3rd place finish!

The full results :
Men’s trainer 1x: 9th of 10, at a time of 24:53.101
Men’s varsity 4+: 7th of 60, at a time of 14:57.782
Women’s novice 1x: 6th of 9, at a time of 21:25.395
Women’s varsity 4+: 44th of 45, at a time of 20:02.817
Women’s varsity 4x: 7th of 11, at a time of 17:16.856
Men’s novice 4x: 3rd of 17, at a time of 17:02.120
Men’s 1st varsity 8+: 22nd of 68, at a time of 14:21.862
Men’s 2nd varsity 8+: 33rd of 58, at a time of 15:58.476 (30s penalty was added)
Men’s varsity 2x: 2nd of 31, at a time of 16:32.286
Women’s 1st varsity 2x: 13th of 29, at a time of 20:04.890
Women’s 2nd varsity 2x: 13th of 30, at a time of 20:43.221
Women’s 3rd varsity 2x: 6th of 15, at a time of 22:17.396

Well done everyone!

Pictures can be viewed below or on the Rye Crew Flickr site.
You can also view the video of the 1st Varsity Men’s 8+ race from the cool perspective of the cox, Blake McGowan here. It is exhausting just to watch!

HOSR 2016